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Deliver network-based application-to-person services to your enterprise customers

Most enterprises rely on email as their go-to form of communication with employees. However, email does not provide the level of immediacy and responsiveness needed to engage the most effectively with employees.

As a mobile operator, you know the benefits of using SMS to connect more efficiently with people. And you likely are already providing mobile voice and data plans to enterprises. Therefore, you are well-positioned to further engage your enterprise customers by delivering value-added services in addition to the basic services you currently provide.

Deliver A2P Messaging to Enterprise Customers

Axon Enterprise Messaging Service allows you to sell network-based application-to-person (A2P) services to your enterprise customers through our multi-channel SMS notification and location offerings. You can brand the solution as your own while Axon manages the platform, allowing for:

 A low-cost, easy-to-integrate offering that delivers more value to your enterprise customers
 Sophisticated two-way SMS conversations between enterprises and their employees
 Timely, relevant user experiences by leveraging location data

Sophisticated Messaging Features

Axon Enterprise Messaging Service increases revenue by allowing you to accommodate large, high average-revenue-per-user enterprise accounts, while enterprises benefit from more satisfied end users who enjoy an email-like SMS experience. Your customers also will enjoy the following features:

 Flexible solution that easily integrates with email systems
  Two implementation options with customizable interfaces -- APIs and cloud-based inbox
  Highly reliable with strong SLAs
 Two-way in-network messaging with conversation support

Rely on Axon's trusted and secure Enterprise Messaging Service to deliver the value-added messaging services your enterprise customers need. Our industry-leading SLAs, paired with our scalable messaging platform that processes more than 2 billion messages each day, ensure messages are delivered accurately and reliably, resulting in better employee engagement for your enterprise customers and new revenue streams for your business.

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