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Who we are?

Axon is a mobile interaction specialist, enabling businesses to integrate mobile services into business-to-business, business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer communications in a simple, high quality and global way.

Together the Axon founders represent close to 100 years of collective professional experience spanning from having worked with mobile operators and other key players in the global enterprise market from every Industry and Vertical

Based on many years of experience we have in-depth knowledge of the global messaging market, both commercially and technically. Our business idea is built on profound industry understanding and advanced technology. We have developed from a traditional messaging aggregator role to a company that truly understands the business needs from of both enterprises and operators and focus on building bridges between various market actors. With Axon as your partner you get direct access to our expertise.

What we do?

The key vision of Axon's founders was to create an SMS delivery infrastructure that could meet the exact requirements of enterprise communications. It needed to be fast, in order to leverage the benefits of mobile; it needed to be reliable, in order to ensure that mission critical messages weren't lost or delayed; it needed to be secure, in order to give enterprises the confidence to adopt the technology; and it needed to be traceable, giving users a complete audit trail of communication in order to meet the needs of potential customers.

Axon addressed these points by developing and operating its own infrastructure and having a deep connection to the telco world.

Some have argued that the growing ubiquity of smartphones and mobile internet access will be a threat to technologies such as SMS and voice, however Axon is confident that these products will remain as relevant as ever. For one, it seems from the evidence to date that, even when customers are given a portfolio of communications choices on mobile, then SMS and voice remain as a key part of their communications mix.

Axon aims to be a major player in the enterprise mobility and telco-web convergence worlds. Its approach of offering clients high-quality mobile interaction through simplified, standardized interfaces means that its product propositions remain as relevant as ever in this ever more complex world.


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